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Eti Maden Piers


-Those cargoes are harmless and non dangerous.

-Prior of loading hold/s are inspected by the independent surveyor very strict at Bandirma road pior of

Berthing in day light/Office hours, only.

-All holds in clean, swept, dry condition. Holds to be free fm dust, rust scale particles have to be well

removed and residue of previous cargoes to the satisfaction of charterers/receivers surveyor.

– incldlng tanktop – must be painted by the ship with a very thin layer of paint.

-Etibor-48 bulk cargo to be loaded @ pier #14 fm silo to the vsl directly by conveyor belt.

-Other bulk minerals are also loading by conveyor belt at the different berth @ pier # 12

cargoes are transfering by lorries fm the open stock escort istanbul area.

-Bagged cargo are loading at the different berth,too by shore/ship’s cranes @ piers of Celebi port


Etibor-48 in bulk,

is very sensitive refined metarial with the appearance similar to powder detergent.

Therefore even any kind of little contamination can be damage the properties of this metarial.

For this reason, prior of loading all holds will be inspected by the surveyor and rust/dust

particles have to be well removed.

Furthermore the holds where Etibor-48 cargo is to be loaded – incldlng tanktop – must be

painted by the ship with a very thin layer of paint.


Colemanite Ore in bulk,

This minerals which is washed and crushed. These are harmless industrial minerals which are not

a metallic concentrate. Not slushy cargo.


Bagged/Palettized Cargoes

Holds to be cleaned same as abv bulk cargoes

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